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• Customs Clearance Services

Our experienced team is there to answer your questions regarding the import clearance procedures, helping to ensure that your consignments clear customs swiftly and efficiently. Where it could take the inexperienced person many long hours to complete the process, we can get most shipments cleared on their day of arrival. We complete the paperwork and we get things processed  fast.

• In-transit bond entries

• Clearance of merchandise through other government agencies 

(FWL, FDA, USDA, DOT, EPA, FCC and others)

Certain commodities require clearance by other government agencies in addition to U.S. Customs. These are very involved processes and penalties for non-compliance are serious. We clear these items on a daily basis and have a lot of experience with these agencies. We also can submit for you FDA prior notices, register foreign facilities and apply for a license in case is required.

• Importer Security Filing (ISF, 10+2 Filing)

CBP announced new information requirements on maritime cargo destined for the United States. The rule requires importers or their agents to submit Importer Security Filing (ISF) data elements, no later than 24 hours before the cargo is laden aboard a vessel destined for the United States.

• Customs Bonds

All entry must be accompanied by evidence that a bond has been posted with CBP to cover any potential duties, taxes, and charges that may accrue. There are two types of these bonds, continuous and single entry bonds. If you are a frequent importer it is cost effective to purchase a continuous bond, which can be used anywhere in the United States for all your shipments. Because we handle a volume of these continuous bonds we are able to provide special discounted rates on bonds purchased through us.

• Duty Payment and ACH Payment Processing

Duty payment refers to the taxes, fees, and tariffs imposed by a government on imported goods. ACH payment processing refers to the electronic transfer of funds through the Automated Clearing House network in the US. In the context of duty payment, ACH payment processing can be used to simplify and streamline the payment process.

• Temporary Importation under Bond (TIB) 

Goods, when not imported for sale or for sale on approval, may be admitted into the United States under bond, without the payment of duty, for exportation within one year from the date of importation. The one-year period for exportation may, upon application to the port director, be extended for one or more further periods which, when added to the initial one year, shall not exceed a total of three years.

• Vehicle Exportation

The process of exporting a vehicle from the United States involves a significant amount of compliance with CBP regulations and requirements. It is important to be aware of these requirements and to work with a knowledgeable and experienced export agent to ensure a successful and compliant export.

• ATA Carnet Validation and Application Services

 ATA carnet is an international customs document that may be used for the temporary duty-free importation of certain goods into a country in lieu of the usual customs documents required.

• Hand Carried Shipments Clearances

(we serve any airport within the US CBP Territory). 

We can assist you in a prompt and reliable manner with all your Customs clearances and Customs declarations.

• Customs Consultation and First-time Importer Set up 

If poor compliance practices are not addressed and corrected, the costs can add up quickly and result in a serious impact to your business. 

We can assist you with:

• Personal Effects Clearance

Personal effects clearance is the process of obtaining customs approval for items that are being imported into the country for personal use. This includes items like household goods, clothing, personal vehicles, and electronics. The importer must provide information about the items, such as a list of items, their value, and the reason for import. Customs authorities will evaluate the information, inspect the items, and determine if duties, taxes, or fees must be paid. Once cleared, the items can be used for personal purposes.

• Filing Protests

The importer may disagree with the dutiable status after the entry has been liquidated. A decision at this stage of the entry transaction is requested by filing a protest and application for further review.

• Prepare and Submit Administrative Rulings Requests

Administrative rulings requests are a process of seeking a formal decision or clarification from a government agency regarding the interpretation or application of a law or regulation. To prepare and submit such a request, one must provide detailed information about the issue, supporting documentation, and submit it to the relevant government agency. The agency will review the request, may ask for additional information, and eventually issue a binding ruling that provides a clear answer to the question raised in the request. The process can be complex and it is important to work with a knowledgeable expert to ensure the request is properly prepared and submitted.